There is established the following organs of the party;

  • Polling Centre caucus
  • Ward Assembly
  • Ward Steering Committee
  • Constituency Steering Committee
  • County CCM Forum.
  • County Executive Committee
  • National Executive Committee
  • The CCM Summit
  • National Governing Council
  • Mashinani Convention.

7) Polling centre caucus.

  1. The party shall have a polling center caucus elected by the registered members of the party at each polling centre.
  2. The polling center caucus shall comprise of:
  3. Chairperson;
  4. Vice chairperson;
  5. Secretary;
  6. Treasurer;
  7. Women rep;
  8. Youth Leader and
  9. Two elders of both genders (above 60 years of age).

9) Functions of the polling Centre caucus

  1. Popularize the party at the grassroots levels.
  2. Campaign for the party
  • Explain the policies of the party
  1. Recommend agents of the party during national elections.
  2. Be members of the ward assembly