6: Membership

  • Membership of the CCM shall be open to all Kenyan citizens above the age of 18 years, irrespective of race, color and creed, who accept the objectives, principles, policies and programmes and are prepared to abide by this Constitution and its articles.
  • Elected members shall make monthly/annual subscriptions fees as determined by the NEC. Other members of the party may make voluntary subscriptions.
  • Membership cards will be issued to registered members of CCM.
  • The Party County offices shall maintain a membership register.
  • Every County shall exercise sovereignty on the suspension or expulsion of a party member from the party for gross misconduct as may be recommended by the county disciplinary panel.
  • In the event  that a decision is reached to expel a member, the decision shall be forwarded by the county executive chairman to secretary general who will in turn notify the registrar of political parties.