45. The National Finance Committee

The NEC will appoint the National Finance Committee chaired by the National Treasurer;

  1. The NEC shall determine the composition and powers of the National Finance Committee (NFC).
  2. The National Finance Committee will report to the NEC at least twice a year on the finances and budget of the CCM.

46. Finance

  1. The source of funds for the party shall include the following:
  2. Membership dues.
  3. Monthly subscription of Member of County Assembly, Member of Parliament, Senator, Governor, Deputy President and President as set out under section6(5).
  • Grants, Subventions, contracts, donations and legacies accepted by the National Executive Council.
  1. Revenue from capital investments.
  2. Net income from Publications and consultancies.
  3. Funds from the Government.
  • Fund raising events.
  1. The Party shall establish rules governing the collection, keeping and expenditure of finances which shall be managed by the Treasurer of the party.
  2. The Party shall after budget has been allocated forward the same to the Treasurer who shall oversee its implementation.
  3. The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report and cause the same to be audited in line with the Political Parties Act.
  4. The Party and bodies created by it may not incur expenditure in excess of the funds at their disposal.
  5. Funds will be utilized for supporting Party programmes as determined by the National Executive Council in line with the Political Parties Act.
  6. No Party funds shall be used in contravention of the Political Parties Act.