There is an established disciplinary organ in two levels

  1. County and;
  2. National.

49. County Disciplinary Panel.

  1. The County Executive committee shall constitute a disciplinary panel of 5, 7 or 9 respected and impartial members of the party to handle any disciplinary matters that may arise.
  2. The disciplinary panel may recommend expulsion, suspension or any other sanction they may deem fit as a punishment to any member if found guilty of any action, utterances or behaviors considered detrimental to the party.
  3. The County disciplinary panel shall finalize all cases. The aggrieved party shall have the right to appeal to the county appeals board established by the CEC for that purpose. Such an appeals board shall consist of five members.
  4. Appeals must be filed within seven days of the receipt of the expulsion notice.
  5. The appeals board shall be constituted within seven days and the verdict released within fourteen days following the formation of the appeals board.
  6. The verdict by appeals board shall be deemed final.